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Things to do with the Funds You Receive

Maybe you forgot to set some money aside to buy a birthday present for a special person in your life, and waiting until your next payday will be too late. Or a bunch of people in the office decide to put together a last-minute weekend getaway, but you're tapped out. Or you just found out your favorite band is in town this weekend, but you're broke until you get paid next week. When you get a cash loan for you, it's wired directly into your bank account and becomes instantly available as cash. So how the money is used and where it's spent is totally up to you.

With the same swiftness and ease a cash loan for you can enhance your social life, it can also bail you out of trouble--and save you money, too. Here are just a few of the situations in which you can put the money you borrow to work for you:

  • Credit card calamities. In addition to charging sizeable late fees, credit card companies are notorious for wasting no time reporting late payments to the three major bureaus. If you're already living on an extended budget, this could be the beginning of your financial end. Because if you can't afford to pay the late fee, you'll quickly find yourself two months behind and owing an additional late fee. Even if you manage to come up with the money and get back in the card issuer's good graces, the damage to your report won't be so easily repaired. Late payments of 30, 60 and 90 days remain on your report for a full two years, while a delinquency stays put for seven. So if you don't have enough money to make your monthly payment, a cash loan for you can prevent your credit card woes from spiraling out of control and causing long-term damage to your financial future.
  • Overdraft obstacles. Credit card issuers aren't the only ones quick to attack the moment you make a budgetary blunder. If you've ever overdrawn your account, you know that banks will drain you dry by changing the order of expenditures on your statement so small purchases made before the overdraft will appear after it--magically transforming each of them into overdrafts, too. Considering that the average overdraft fee charged by banks is $45 per item, this unscrupulous practice can easily leave you with a negative balance big enough to eat away a major portion of your next paycheck--and there will be nothing you can do about it. However, a cash loan for you can quickly disarm the bank before it even has a chance to start making trouble. When you realize you've spent a little too much, get Hot Cash For You on the job and we'll transfer the money into your account. The overdraft will be covered and you'll have saved hundreds of dollars.
  • Power predicaments. If you're short on money to pay your electric bill, power companies have no problem following through on their threat to disconnect your service. In addition to the obvious inconvenience of living without power, this action only makes things worse because then you're required to pay a turn on/turn off fee. Craftier providers will even reclassify you as a credit risk and demand a deposit before your service is restored. You can sidestep the wrath of the power company--and your other utility providers, for that matter--by getting a cash loan for you.