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The Convenience of Short-term Borrowing

Since our main focus is on customer convenience, getting a cash loan for you is a simple, almost effortless process. All you have to do is fill out the brief online application. Unlike other online lenders, we don't require that you fax us copies of paystubs; we don't ask you to provide printed proof of income; and we don't send over a pile of paperwork for you to sign and return. Once your application is received, one of our experienced professionals will immediately get to work on processing your request. Because there are no investigations into your credit, payment habits, personal background or employment history, the process is mostly comprised of contacting your financial institution and making arrangements for a money transfer. When that's done, we electronically wire the cash you requested directly into your account, where it will be immediately available for you to withdraw or spend using your debit card. While we like to give ourselves some extra room by promising the money within 24 hours, in most cases it's available long before that. And the most beautiful part about it is you don't even have to leave the spot you're sitting in now to make it happen.

Convenience from Beginning to End

But the ease and convenience that comes with our free service for you doesn't end there. When your next payday rolls around and your employer deposits your salary into your bank account, we save you the trouble of having to repay us by automatically withdrawing the amount you agreed to directly from your account. This method benefits you in a number of ways:

  • By not having to remember a due date, you're relieved of the risk of accruing penalties if you're late with your payment.
  • Instead of having to wait for your check to be processed and cleared, you'll immediately see the deduction reflected in your account balance. This eliminates the risk of accidentally overdrawing your account.
  • Unlike payment methods associated with traditional lending services, you don't have to waste a stamp and an envelope, and you don't have to make a trip to the post office.
  • And finally, it's one less thing you have to worry about. Once you receive your money, you needn't give the matter another thought. It will all be taken care of.

Why Bad Credit Doesn't Bother Us

Understandably, our policy of not running credit checks might lead some people to file our practices in the "too good to be true" folder. And considering the experiences many people have had with traditional lenders, it's just as understandable that finding one that's willing to take such a risk in order to better serve its customers might seem like a foreign concept. But keep in mind that we deal in small, short-term increments. Whereas traditional lenders thrive on monthly interest charges that a borrower pays for several years, our relationship with each of our customers ends when we collect a low, one-time fee within two weeks of a loan's origination. Therefore, repeat business is far more important to us than it is to a bank or credit union. So we do everything we can to make getting money as fast, convenient and hassle-free as possible.