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We Have Made the Application Process as Secure As Possible

In today's world of identity theft, computer fraud and scams, it's important to closely guard your personal information and watch your back at all times--especially when it comes to financial matters. This is something we're well aware of. So when you get a cash loan, you can feel safe knowing we've employed every possible measure to protect you, your money, your privacy and even your credit.

Good Cyber Sense

When you submit your application, you can be assured that your vital information's trip through cyberspace will be a safe one. At Hot Cash For You, we used the latest hacking defense software and encryption technology to ensure your application won't be intercepted or read by anyone along the way.

Safety in Smaller Numbers

Getting a cash loan online and borrowing money from a traditional lender involve two very different processes. When you apply for a loan from a traditional lender, your bank or credit union representative reviews your information, and then hands off your application to a loan processor. The processor conducts a background check, reviews your payment histories, calls you employer to confirm your salary, checks personal references and may even conduct a full background check. Then, if there's collateral involved, an appraiser joins the fold. When there's no more digging left to do, the paperwork is usually deposited on a senior lending officer's desk, where it will await another review before it's approved. After that, it's sent back to the branch from which it originated. There, the branch manager will give it a once-over before handing it back to the representative that originally helped you. By the time everything is said and done, your vital information--including your home address, your children's names and ages, your personal phone numbers, you bank account numbers and your social security number--will have been seen by countless people you haven't even met. You could justify this exposure by remembering that all of these people were bank employees, but if a complete stranger you ran into on the street identified himself as a bank employee, would you be willing to share even one of those details with him?

When applying for a cash loan, your application is received, processed and approved by just one of our qualified experts. Because we use a trimmed-down approval process, there's no need to have so many cooks in the kitchen. And since our goal is to get you the money you need as quickly as possible, there really isn't time, either. Plus, because we don't call your employer or check personal references, your private affairs remain just that: private. Whether you want to tell people about your financial situation is your business. But they certainly won't hear about it from us.

Credit Protection

When you apply for funds, the lender or creditor typically requests a copy of your credit report. Every time a inquiry occurs, it's noted on your report. Research by the Fair Isaac Corporation, better known as FICO, indicates that a person trying to open several accounts in a short period of time is a greater risk. As a result, having too many inquiries listed lowers your FICO score and you're less likely to get approved. However, because applying for a cash loan doesn't involve a credit check, your FICO score will be unaffected by the transaction and your financial reputation will remain intact.