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A Fast, Convenient Option to Tide You Over

It wasn't more than 50 or 60 years ago that eating out meant waiting an hour or more while you were seated, your order was taken and your meal was prepared. If you needed to look up information, you'd have to drive to the public library and spend several hours browsing through the reference section. If you wanted to correspond with a long-distance relative or friend, you'd either have to pay exorbitant long distance charges by using a fingertip-numbing rotary telephone or write a letter, waiting up to two weeks for a response. And if you needed a cash loan, for you it would mean submitting to an arduous approval process that often took several weeks to complete.

Lagging Lenders

Over the years, business owners have come to understand that the key to success is satisfying their customers' need for convenient, fast and reliable service. As a result, people can now drive up to a window and get served a hot meal only seconds after paying for it. Instead of making a trek to the library, people can instantly access a much broader range of reference material in their own homes with a simple click of a mouse. And thanks to speed dialing, cell texting and instant messaging, communicating with someone anywhere in the world is just as fast and convenient as speaking to someone who's sitting right next to you. Yet in spite of all this progress, the process involved with borrowing money from a conventional lender hasn't changed a bit; if anything, such innovations as the credit check system has made the wait even longer. But now the tide has finally turned. If you're in need of money, for you the wait has ended.

A Focus on Customer Convenience

Conventional lenders aren't always as customer-oriented as other types of enterprises because they know they'll have no shortage of business as long as there's a need to borrow money. Besides, being that lending money is a risky venture, they're too busy looking out for themselves. That means looking into each potential borrower's background, checking and rechecking his or her credit history, following up on references, verifying employment and having collateral appraised. On the other hand, we are all about customer service. We realize that people in need of extra money typically don't have the luxury of being able to wait several weeks to get it. So we've tweaked the age-old approval process, cutting it to its bare minimum and utilizing the latest technological means to ensure delivery of funds for you as quickly as possible--usually within 24 hours.

A Pared-Down Process

To accomplish this, we've done away with time-consuming procedures like credit checks, background scans and collateral requirements. In fact, all we require is for you to have a job and a bank account with direct deposit. Not only does it mean getting you the money you need as quickly as possible, but it opens our doors countless people with bad credit who are unable to borrow money anywhere else. To make the process even more convenient, we've done away with traditional billing methods and replaced them with a hassle-free approach: On your next payday, we simply deduct the amount you owe from your bank account. Unlike traditional lenders, which lock you into a payment plan that goes on for years, once we withdraw the amount you agreed to we're out of your life forever--or at least until you need another advance. Taking customer service to a whole new level, we simplify the process by making it fast, convenient and hassle-free.